Books on reserve and course handouts - Autumn 2019

Professor Course Course Title Contact
???, ???EI075Econometrics - Gerzensee Swiss Program for Beginning Doctoral StudentsAeschlimann, Claude
Andonova, LilianaRISP052Global Environmental GovernanceBrendow, Catherine
Arcand, Jean-LouisEI037Microeconomics IBrendow, Catherine
Arcand, Jean-LouisEI041Impact EvaluationBrendow, Catherine
Austin, JonathanIA103Visual Archives of ViolenceBasset, Martine
Bagnall, LizzyMINT139Best Practice Communication and Presentation SkillsSchmitt, Antoine
Balachandran, GopalanDE132History, Theory and Practice of DevelopmentBasset, Martine
Balachandran, GopalanHI019Histories Beyond NationBasset, Martine
Baldwin, RichardEI052International Trade BZosso, Stéphanie
Baldwin, RichardEI080Advanced International Trade A: Neoclassical trade theoriesZosso, Stéphanie
Baldwin, RichardEI081Advanced International Trade A: New trade theoriesZosso, Stéphanie
Barroso, José ManuelMINT061The EU in International Relations: Theory and PracticeBrendow, Catherine
Bayart, Jean-FrançoisANSO122Religion, Politique et Sexualité : Perspectives ComparativesVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Bayart, Jean-FrançoisMINT133Sociologie historique et comparée du politiqueVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Ben Salah, MhamedEI071Mathematics and Statistics for Economists Zosso, Stéphanie
Bharadwaj, AdityaANSO037Research Design and Proposal Writing in the Social SciencesBasset, Martine
Bharadwaj, AdityaANSO099Anthropological Perspectives on Reproductive Politics in the 21st CenturyBasset, Martine
Bharadwaj, AdityaDE139Gender and Development: From Theory to Practice Basset, Martine
Bianchi, AndreaDI034International Law TheoriesVilmen, Céline
Biersteker, Thomas IA095Global Governance and Regulation: Actors and Processes Flotron, Marie-Pierre
Billaud, JulieANSO118The Anthropology of Human RightsVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Biltoft, CarolynHI080Historiography: A Critical IntroductionBasset, Martine
Biltoft, Carolyn MINT095The History of Globalisation; a Commodities ProspectiveBasset, Martine
Bocco, RiccardoANSO096Screening the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Competing and Complementary Narratives through Cinematic RepresentationsBasset, Martine
Bocco, RiccardoIA103Visual Archives of ViolenceBasset, Martine
Bohanes, JanDI064International Trade LawVilmen, Céline
Bourbonnais , NicoleHI013Doctoral Seminar IPasquier, Guillaume
Bourbonnais, NicoleDE123Global Population and Reproductive Politics in the 20th CenturyPasquier, Guillaume
Browne, StephenRISP070The United Nations in Development: Past, Present and FutureVilmen, Céline
Burci, Gian LucaDI022The Law and Practice of International OrganizationsVilmen, Céline
Cajal Grossi, JuliaEI035Econometrics I Brendow, Catherine
Cajal-Grossi, JuliaEI079Vilfredo Pareto Doctoral Research Seminar - Department Seminar SeriesBrendow, Catherine
Cajal-Grossi, JuljaMINT002Trade and DevelopmentBrendow, Catherine
Calvão, FilipeANSO045Work, Labour and PracticeVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Calvão, FilipeMINT093Global Extraction NetworksVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Cannon, CeciliaDE150Transnational Actors and Migration Schmitt, Antoine
Chetail, VincentDI035International Migration LawFlotron, Marie-Pierre
Chimni, B.S.DI018Global South and International LawVilmen, Céline
Clapham, AndrewDI117The Law of Nations in the 21 st CenturyBasset, Martine
Clapham, AndrewIA100 WarBasset, Martine
Cuddy , JohnEI074Demystifying DSGE ModelsZosso, Stéphanie
Degila, Delidji EricRISP100Identity and Conflictuality in the Contemporary Sub-Saharan AfricaZosso, Stéphanie
Dietz, JoergIA091Applying Organization Theories to PracticeAeschlimann, Claude
Dinas, EliasMINT152Politics in Europe Brendow, Catherine
Donnay, KarstenMINT078Big Data AnalysisPasquier, Guillaume
Doose, KatjaRISP052Global Environmental GovernanceBrendow, Catherine
Douglas, ZacharyDI119Corporate Responsibility in International and Transnational LawFlotron, Marie-Pierre
Droz, YvanANSO080Comprendre l'Afrique de l'Est Aujourd'hui : Histoire et Anthropologie / East Africa between History and AnthropologyBasset, Martine
Esteves, RuiHI108International Finance in HistoryBasset, Martine
Esteves, Rui PedroDE147Corruption Histories Aeschlimann, Claude
Flannery, TimMINT080Climate change, clean energy and negative carbon options Schmitt, Antoine
Gaeta, PaolaDI122International Criminal LawVilmen, Céline
Gilbert, AndrewANSO120The Anthropology of International InterventionSchmitt, Antoine
Gill, AmandeepMINT151Multilateral Arms Control: Power, Politics, and NormsAeschlimann, Claude
Gironde, ChristopheMINT153Développement, pauvreté et inégalité en Asie du Sud-estLeger, Linda
Goebel, MichaelDE148Empire and Anti-Imperialism in Latin AmericaBasset, Martine
Goebel, MichaelHI118Approaches to Global HistoryBasset, Martine
Gorz Swanson, JeanMINT015Statistical Methods for Social Sciences Aeschlimann, Claude
Grange Omokaro, FrançoiseANSO081Research Methods in Anthropology and SociologyLeger, Linda
Guidotti, MatteoMINT119Evaluation of Development ProjectsSchmitt, Antoine
Hanhimäki, JussiHI094Transatlantic Relations since 1945Basset, Martine
Hanhimäki, JussiMINT113The Evolution of Global Security Basset, Martine
Hecht, SusannaMINT088Development and the tropics: Political Ecologies of Lost Edens, Green Hells, El DoradosLeger, Linda
Hecht, SusannaMINT100Conservation and Sustainable Development Leger, Linda
Hecht, Susanna MINT135Climates and History: What the Past Can Tell Us about the Present and the FutureLeger, Linda
Heller, CharlesANSO121Border Forensics : Documenting and Contesting the Violence of Borders at the EU's Maritime FrontierSchmitt, Antoine
Hoeffler, CatherineIA101European Security Flotron, Marie-Pierre
Hoffmann, StephanieDE107Conflict and Intervention Brendow, Catherine
Hofmann, StephanieRISP053International GovernanceBrendow, Catherine
Hollway, JamesRISP093Social Networks : Theories and MethodsBrendow, Catherine
Hollway, JamesRISP105Political RelationsBrendow, Catherine
Hufty, Marc MINT037Biodiversité: entre science et politiqueLeger, Linda
Hufty, MarkMINT100Conservation and Sustainable Development Leger, Linda
Jasutis, Grazvydas RISP101Security Fundamentals in the Post-Soviet SpaceYakimovich, Svetlana
Joseph, SarahDI130Human Rights and the MediaVilmen, Céline
Kende, MichaelIA094Internet Governance and EconomicsYakimovich, Svetlana
Kohen, MarceloDI010The Law of Maritime DelimitationBasset, Martine
Kohen, MarceloDI129The Sources of International Law: Between Theory and PracticeBasset, Martine
Kolbe, MélanieMINT094The Politics of Immigration ControlBrendow, Catherine
Koopman, RobertEI057The Economics of International TradeZosso, Stéphanie
Krause, KeithRISP002Doctoral Seminar in Political Science/International RelationsBrendow, Catherine
Krause, KeithRISP044International SecurityBrendow, Catherine
Krisch, NicoDI110Situating International LawVilmen, Céline
Krisch, NicoDI127Change and Stability in the International Legal OrderVilmen, Céline
Laverick, SusanMINT139Best Practice Communication and Presentation SkillsSchmitt, Antoine
Leander, AnnaRISP036Theories and Theorists of International RelationsBrendow, Catherine
Leander, AnnaRISP103Everyday Political EconomyBrendow, Catherine
Littoz-Monnet, AnnabelleRISP037Qualitative Methods in Political ScienceFlotron, Marie-Pierre
Littoz-Monnet, AnnabelleRISP104International Organisations and Global NarrativesFlotron, Marie-Pierre
Malancu, NataliaRISP038Statistics for International Relations Research IYakimovich, Svetlana
Mandel, RuthANSO123Anthropological Approaches to Diaspora and MobilitySchmitt, Antoine
Mesok, ElizabethRISP099Feminist Approaches to War and SecurityBrendow, Catherine
Milligan, KatherineDE154Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Bridging Theory and PracticeZosso, Stéphanie
Missale, AlessandroEI059International Finance BZosso, Stéphanie
Moraes Dias Da Silva, GraziellaANSO081Research Methods in Anthropology and SociologyLeger, Linda
Muehlebach, AndreaANSO119Riots, Insurgencies, RevolutionsSchmitt, Antoine
Mukherjee, RahulEI082Advanced International Macroeconomics A: Methods and ModelsZosso, Stéphanie
Mukherjee, RahulEI083Advanced International Macroeconomics A: Selected Advanced TopicsZosso, Stéphanie
Neven, DamienEI092Industrial OrganisationZosso, Stéphanie
Nguyen, Vinh-KimANSO103Medical Anthropology I : Health and Illness in Cross-Cultural PerspectiveLeger, Linda
Nguyen, Vinh-KimMINT129Introduction to Global Health: Problems, Principles, Actors and PracticesLeger, Linda
Nguyen, Vinh-KimMINT149Introduction to Global Health: Biomedicine and EpidemiologyLeger, Linda
Noailly, JoelleEI072Topics in Resource and Development EconomicsZosso, Stéphanie
Noailly, JoelleIA080Environmental Economics and PolicyZosso, Stéphanie
Ould Mohamedou, Mohammad-MahmoudMINT025State-Building and War-Making in the Developing World Brendow, Catherine
Pauwelyn, JoostDI105International Economic Law ClinicVilmen, Céline
Prügl, ElisabethRISP036Theories and Theorists of International RelationsBrendow, Catherine
Prügl, ElisabethRISP103Everyday Political EconomyBrendow, Catherine
Randeria, ShaliniANSO105The State: Post-Colonial PerspectivesFlotron, Marie-Pierre
Reysoo, FennekeANSO033Gender, Culture, PowerVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Rho, Sugmin MINT128Globalisation and the Political Economy LaborBrendow, Catherine
Rho, Sung MinRISP078Survey ExperimentsBrendow, Catherine
Ribi Forclaz, AmaliaHI018Humanitarians and Human Trafficking : The Global History of Slavery and Abolition, 1800-PresentFlotron, Marie-Pierre
Ribi Forclaz, AmaliaRISP104International Organisations and Global NarrativesFlotron, Marie-Pierre
Rigual, ChristelleRISP096Qualitative Methods in International Relations and Political Science - MISYakimovich, Svetlana
Rodgers, DennisANSO104Social Theory I: Classical and Contemporary DebatesVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Rodgers, DennisDE151Cities, Conflict, and DevelopmentVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Rodogno, DavideDE144Humanitarian Adventures: Actors, Institutions and Contemporary IssuesBasset, Martine
Rossier, DominiqueMINT082Gestion de projets Pasquier, Guillaume
Russell, AidanANSO080Comprendre l'Afrique de l'Est Aujourd'hui : Histoire et Anthropologie / East Africa between History and AnthropologyBasset, Martine
Russell, AidanHI116Histories of Truth, Facts and UncertaintyBasset, Martine
Saab, AnneDE133Poverty and InequalityVilmen, Céline
Saab, AnneDI085Climate Change and International LawVilmen, Céline
Sanchez, RaphaelANSO085Anthropology of PopulismPasquier, Guillaume
Schayegh, CyrusHI013Doctoral Seminar IPasquier, Guillaume
Schayegh, CyrusMINT104The Arab Israeli Conflict Basset, Martine
Schultz, ThomasDI037Law without the StateVilmen, Céline
Seshia Galvin, ShailaANSO107Doctoral Research Seminar I : Themes and DebatesVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Simoni, ValerioANSO051Anthropology of TourismPasquier, Guillaume
Soler, LilianaMINT082Gestion de projets Pasquier, Guillaume
Spyer, PatriciaANSO107Doctoral Research Seminar I : Themes and DebatesVuillemin-Raval, Isabelle
Stoicescu, Maria-RuxandraMINT141Communication for Advocacy - Acquiring the Basics Pasquier, Guillaume
Swanson, TimothyEI072Topics in Resource and Development EconomicsZosso, Stéphanie
Swanson, TimothyMINT100Conservation and Sustainable Development Leger, Linda
Sylvan, DavidMINT086International Policy AnalysisBasset, Martine
Sylvan, DavidRISP045Foreign Policy AnalysisBasset, Martine
Tapscott, RebeccaDE152Institutions and Political ViolenceFlotron, Marie-Pierre
Tille, CedricEI056Macroeconomics AAeschlimann, Claude
Tille, CedricEI085Advanced Development Macroeconomics: AAAAeschlimann, Claude
Torbisco-Casals, NeusDI094Political Justice and Human Rights: Foundational QuestionsVilmen, Céline
Viarengo, MartinaEI042Development EconomicsAeschlimann, Claude
Viarengo, MartinaEI084Advanced Development Macroeconomics: Empirical ResearchAeschlimann, Claude
Viarengo, MartinaMINT026Public Policy, Economic Development and GenderAeschlimann, Claude
Viñuales, Jorge E.DI098International Environmental Law and PolicyVilmen, Céline
Weder Di Mauro , BeatriceIA102International Finance and Finacial CrisesBrendow, Catherine
Wennmann, AchimDE153Peace mediation in a changing world Yakimovich, Svetlana
Xiang, LanxinHI038Foreign Policies of Major PowersBasset, Martine
Xiang, LanxinHI119Modern China: A Great TransformationBasset, Martine
Zarbiyev, FuadDI128Compliance with international law: Theories and MechanismsVilmen, Céline
Zarbiyev, FuadMINT092A Social Analysis of Transnational Law and ArbitrationVilmen, Céline